Miss High And Mighty Gets Fucked!
Drew Butterfly is a conceited little whore who's been in a couple of porno movies and now thinks shes the Queen of England. We had to deflate her overly inflated head and serve her up a fresh dose of reality. We found a few Prowl worthy dudes in some alley and brought them back to Miss High and Mighty. Although she was thoroughly disgusted by the mere presensce of these guys, she quickly learned to appreciate their cocks in her mouth and her pussy, as we threatened not to pay her.

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Sophie Gets A Taste Of American Deparvity
Sophie is a British slut who came over to the states looking to make some money....whoring. She came to us in desperate need of money ...like every other dirty rotten whore. Anyways we made her work for the money and drove her down to the local porno store to meet some lucky deprived patron who can only dream of fucking a chick like this. We found a guy who frequented the porno store and hadn't gotten laid in years. We let him loose on this porn slut and all I can say is that this scene is crazy!

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Mercedes is fed to the wolves
Mercedes is a filthy slut who's willing to do anything for money, even fuck random disgusting strangers off the street. Watch as we scour the mean streets of L.A and find some of the most vile men on the planet for this whore to fuck and suck, so that she invest her money in the newest Gucci purse

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Staci Will Fuck Anything!!!
Staci is a hot blonde bimbo who's many life decisions has led her to this single moment in her life where she has agreed to fuck and suck random dudes off the streets for a wad of cash. This epsidoe should serve as a lesson to all the parents out there, that this could happen to you child, if you dont take the neccessary steps to raise your child correctly. Anyways like always we found the most vile individuals on the face of this planet for staci to fuck and after we waved the wad of cash by her face, she readily sucked and fucked them like the good little whore she is.

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Chavon Gets Fed To The Wolves
Chavon Taylor is a hot big titty chick who hasnt said the word 'no' since she misspelled it for the word 'know'. Anyways we proposed to her that she could make some cash if she fucked some random dudes off the street and of course she said yes. So we hopped in our van, drove down to the ghetto, down into an alley and found some guys who havent got laid in years and tossed them into a hotel room with our busty nubian princess. This scene is wild!

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