Claire Is A Chairty Worker
Claire Dames is a big titty whore who has no problem with sucking or fucking stranger cock. She was the perfect candidate for this Prowl as we roamed the mean streets of L.A. for depraved individuals who have cant get a girl if their lives depended on it. After a little searching, we found a couple of dudes and let them loose on Claire. Undoubtedly, Claire earned her money tonight as she sucked and fucked her way to a handsome paycheck.

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Jeri Lee Will Fuck Anything!!!
Jeri is the cutest little asian teen whore. who somehow wandered in our neck of the woods. She was looking to make some money and what better way to make money than to sell your soul and fuck random dudes off the street all on video. Anyhow, we took this teen treat all around the Valley until we found 3 perfect candidates....or should I say 3 guys who can only fuck crack whores on the corner and not fine pieces of ass like Jeri. We took the merry ol bunch back to the seediest motel in town and let them loose on this unsuspecting slut. Like any good slut, she sucked and fucked them all and never thought twice...what a filthy, dirty, rotten whore!

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Carmella Will Do Anything For Money!
Carmella is a hot little latina honey who loves money. Only a whore who really loves money would actually agree to go on the prowl with us and fuck the random strangers we pick off the street. We scoured the mean streets of L.A and ended up in a sex shop, where three depraved customers were granted a chance of a fuck this whore for free! All agreed and we left for the hotel room, where we unleased these might as well be virgins on this ponrstar slut. This scene is wild!

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Kylie's Twist Of Fate
Kylie's dream from when she was a kid was to become a vetenarian, marry her high school sweetheart, live in a house with a white picket fence...with a dog and a cat and to have two children....Annie and Jason. Fast foward 15 years and Kylie finds herself in a public bathroom, naked, legs spread wide open with 3 vile random guys off the street, who she is about to fuck and suck for money. Life sure does work in mysterious ways....unfortunately for Kylie in a not so good mysterious way.

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Reggie Will Fuck Anything!!!
Reggie is this girl next door from some mid western state. She stumbled upon our doorstep like an abandoned orpan sleeping in a craddle. Anyways, she wanted to make some money and fast and so we took her on the prowl where we scoured the back alleys of the San Fernando Valley, where upon we found a couple reckless, abandoned souls who havent fucked a women in years. 30 minutes later, we were back at some seedy motel room where Reggie was sucking and fucking these complete strangers and upon looking at her eyes, you could see she wasnt really there...she had mentally gone into a safe space in her mind, where unicorns frolic in the green meadows....poor poor girl.
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