Bimbo Will Do Anything For $$$!!!
Barbie is a hot blonde teen bimbo who was just itching to get her feet wet in the porno industry. She could have started off with the nude modeling bullshit but she decided to go head first and do the Midnight Prowl. Its a nice change from all the hardened and jade whores we usually use. But yeah, she was game for everything, even a group of society's rejects. We threw them all in a seedy motel room and she sucked and fucked every dick in that room like a good lil whore. You do not want to miss this scene.

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Indiscriminate Cock Sucker!!!
Adrianna Deville is a dirty rotten filthy whore first and foremost. She's one of those chicks who doesnt really give a fuck about what cock she's about to suck or what dick is about to go in her tight twat, just as long as she gets paid. She was the pefrect canidate for the Prowl as we venture into the mean streets of the Valley and picked up 3 depraved individuals who were more than willing to fuck this dirty slut.

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Tia Thomas Doesn't Give A Fuck!!!
Its getting near the holidays and we're in that charitable spirit to help a few guys out who can't get laid. Today we find ourselves with Tia Thomas at the helm ready to suck on some degenerate dicks for a few bucks. After we scoured the streets and found ourselves a few worthy individuals, we brought them back to a broken down motel room, where we let them loose on this money loving whore. Needless to say everyone got their dicks sucked and were given the chance to fuck this brings such a warm feeling inside.

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Brianna makes wet dreams come true!!!
Let me first start off and say that Brianna Love is a hot fucking chick that 99.9% of you guys out there can only dream about fucking. We made 5 guys dreams come true today as we let them use and abuse this whore. 4 out of the 5 guy could barely last a few minutes with this chick before they had to blow their loads. Either this chick is way too hot or they have never been laid before...or a combination of the two. Anyways we like to think of ourselves as the Make a Wish Foundation for the thoroughly depraved..

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Courtney Doesnt Discriminate!!!
Courtney is this cute little aspiring whore from South Carolina. She came to L.A. with the stars and her eyes, but after a few failed auditions, she ended up in our hands looking to make some money to pay her bills. We gave her our world reknowned tour of the back alleys of the San Fernando Valley and found three deeply depraved dudes, who were more than happy to fuck this delicious morsel. After getting back to the pad, these three dudes wasted no time and just went at her like she were a piece of meat. She blew them all, fucked them and took a cumshot from each of much for the big bright lights of Hollywood!

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