Big Tit Slut Sucks And Fucks Indiscriminately!!!
Cassandra Calegrone is a hot fucking whore with the hugest natural tits you will ever encounter. Looking at her tits, you kind of getting hypnotized by their motion when she sways back and forth. Anyways she was looking to purchase a new Gucci purse and because she recently parted ways with her sugar daddy, she needed another way to come up with the funds for that purse...What better way to come up with the dough then by whoring herself out and fucking and sucking random strangers cocks...Cassandra is not afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to making money....and when I say dirty, What I really mean is having random dudes cum on you like your were a human cum recepticle.

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Redheaded Whore Munches On Strangers Cocks!!!
Ginger is a hot red headed slut who forgoed her dreams and aspirations of being a political figurehead in favor of being a dirty rotten whore. She came to us asking for some work and naturally we took her on the prowl. We threw her in the back of a van and took her down the alley of dreams, as we picked up a few select individuals who would be entertaining Ginger tonite....and when i say select what I really mean is guys who havent touched a woman since Watergate.

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Teen Airhead Gets Degenerate Dicks!!!
Rachel is as cute as a button. Its hard to imagine that this chick would voluntarily fuck and suck dirty degenerates off the street, but then again money has a way of talking to people. We drove her around the valley and found a few gentleman that could only dream of fucking a slut of this calibre. We cordially invited them back to the motel, where they quickly took care of Rachel....and when I say take care, what I really mean is that they fucked her for 20 seconds because thats was how long they could only last.

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1 Dicks, 2 Dicks, 3 Dicks, Give Her More!!!
Aliana Love is a hot Puerto Rican cutie who's good decision making abilities has led her to this point in her life, where she is willing to fuck random strangers off the street and sacrifice any piece of dignity and shame in her ....for the almighty dollar. We didnt waste any time and found a few delectable individuals who were more than willing to fuck Aliana, seeing as how the last time they got laid, Regan was president. This scene is vile!

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Whore Just Doesn't Give A Fuck!!!
Kylie King is a recovering addict....or to put it politely....a recovering crackwhroe. She was 9 days sober when she came to us looking for some work, something to take her mind off of drugs and alcohol. So we took her on the prowl and found a few dudes for her to incidentally looked like the Mario from Super Mario Bros. Anyways we rounded up the bunch and took them back to a seedy motel where Kylie quickly took care of the fine young gentlemen on hand. You can take the crack from a whore, but you can never take the whore out of a whore.

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